Commercial Vessels

Vessels Built to Work

Commercial vessels are built to work. Whether a yacht club launch or a warship, they have a mission to fulfill. At Derecktor, we take pride in the fact that the boats we build not only succeed in those missions, but often exceed their designed performance and expected service life. When it comes to boats that work for a living, we know our job is to make sure they are built to do theirs. Derecktor provides 24/7/365 support to our customers - service that no other area yard can match.

The U.S. Leader in Hybrids

With three hybrid commercial vessels delivered and a fourth building, Derecktor has pioneered United States commercial hybrid construction. Vessels launched have ranged from a boat used by The Norwalk Aquarium to advance public knowledge of marine ecology and the challenges facing our marine ecosystems, to a cargo vessel that delivers fresh produce from Long Island farms to restaurants and markets in the New York City region. As a marine business ourselves, we rely on a clean and healthy maritime environment and are committed to innovation that leads to sustainable solutions.

Wind Support Vessels - With Support from their Builder

It’s no exaggeration to say that renewable energy is the major growth industry of our time. For the maritime world this means supporting offshore wind fields with crew supply and turbine maintenance vessels. No yard is better situated for this important work than Derecktor NY. Not only do we have a 75-year history of building workboats that show up for work, we are located right in the middle of the wind development projects of New York and New Jersey. This means we’ll not only deliver rugged, efficient and innovative supply and service boats, but we’ll be right there to keep them running. We provide 24/7/365 service to our customers - service that no other area yard can match. We offer proven designs from the world’s leading wind vessel naval architects, giving operators a choice that best meets their needs. It all adds to a smart solution in servicing the smart solution of offshore wind power.

Ferries Built With Ferry Operators in Mind

The ferries we’ve built include superlatives as standard equipment: “The fastest passenger ferry in the world” (for Buquebus), “the fastest vehicle/passenger ferries in North America” (Alaska Marine Highways), “the first waterjet powered ferries in New York” (New York Fast Ferry)... you get the idea. Derecktor ferries have consistently set new standards for speed, capacity and efficiency. Beyond that, they are designed and built to work, day in and day out. As former ferry operators ourselves, we know only too well that boats out of service are a problem for your customers - and a threat to your business. Whatever the route, the speed, and the capacity we can build it. And build it better.

Patrol, Fire and Pilot Boats

Derecktor built mission critical vessels have been performing their vital roles on waters the world over for more than 60 years. We have built a wider variety of vessels for a wider variety of missions than any U.S. yard. From 270 ft. Medium Endurance Cutters for the U.S. Coast Guard, to high-speed coastal defense boats for navies, to pilot boats for New York Harbor to fire and police craft for local municipalities, our boats have proved themselves over decades. Our superior metal work, precise engineering and devotion to structural integrity have welded a reputation for delivering boats that never fail to do their duties.

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