Staying the Course since 1947

Shortly after WWII, Derecktor began to establish itself in the maritime industry through its commitment to building a variety of strong, well-made vessels with a fine finish.

The company’s pioneering spirit led into aluminum construction, enabling Derecktor to build even larger yachts and commercial vessels including famous racing sailboats, renowned motor yachts and barrier-breaking high-speed ferries.

Today, four Derecktor facilities span the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., offering everything from marina space and routine maintenance to major refit and megayacht construction.

To commemorate 75 years of achievement and innovation, Derecktor has published a book titled: Derecktor: The Story of an American Shipyard

Captain Ben Moore

Derecktor's third hybrid catamaran, built for Harbor Harvest. Captain Ben Moore was recognized by WorkBoat as one of its 10 Significant Boats of 2019.


The second catamaran hybrid built for the City University of New York's Brooklyn College.

Derecktor Acquires Robinhood Marine Center

March 7th 2016 was a big, no, a huge day in the long history of Robinhood Marine Center. For on that date, Robinhood became Derecktor/Robinhood and a new chapter in one of Maines’s great boatyards and marinas began.

Spirit of the Sound

Spirit of the Sound (The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk officially christened its new research vessel Spirit of the Sound on September 26th.)


Highlander refit (1986 150’ Feadship motor-yacht, designed by John Bannenberg and built by de Vries in Holland for publisher Malcolm Forbes, lengthened to 164' and comprehensively refitted by Derecktor Florida)

820 Metric Ton Mobile Boat Lift

Mobile Boat Lift in Florida - The lift will allow a minimum of eight mega-yachts to be blocked ashore at one time, more than doubling current capacity.

Gulf Sentry & Cakewalk

Gulf Sentry - Completed 12 month major refit on the 85' Patrol Vessel for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission.

Cakewalk - Delivered the 85m Tim Heywood designed Superyacht – the largest private yacht built in the USA since 1930.


Independence - Delivered the 38m Robert Allen designed Terminal Stand-by Tug for Boston Towing


Independence - Delivered the 62' Robert Allan designed Fast Response Fireboat to the City of Philadelphia

300/301, Warbaby Fox & Marine 5

300/301 - Delivered two 28' Nigel Gee & Associates designed Fast Patrol Boats to the NY State Militia

Warbaby Fox - Delivered the first of two 124' Nigel Gee & Associates designed Fast Ferries to the Government of Bermuda

Marine 5 - Delivered the 32' Nigel Gee & Associates designed Fireboat to the City of Branford

Laura Beth, Robert Mangano & BLB 70

Laura Beth - Delivered the 82' Washburn & Doughty designed Lobster Boat to Shaftmaster

Robert Mangano - Delivered the 30' Nigel Gee & Associates designed Harbor Patrol Boat to the City of Bridgeport

BLB 70 - Delivered the 65' Navatek designed Hybrid Deep Vee Vessel to Navatek

Whaling City Express & Fire Island Empress

Whaling City Express - Delivered the first of two 92' Crowther Design Fast Ferries to New England Fast Ferry

Fire Island Empress - Delivered the 71' Propulsion Data designed Passenger Ferry to Sayville Ferry


Fairweather - Delivered the first of two 238' Nigel Gee & Associates designed Fast Ferries to the State of Alaska Highway System

First State, America & Mickey Murphy

First State - Delivered 57' Nigel Gee & Associates designed Fishery Research Vessel to the State of Delaware

America - Delivered the 85' Nigel Gee & Associates designed Freight Boat to Fire Island Ferries

Mickey Murphy - Delivered the first of six 53' Nigel Gee & Associates designed Fast Ferries for New York Water Taxi

Zingaro, Flying Cloud & America

Zingaro - Delivered 112' Sparkman & Stephens designed World Cruising Sloop

Flying Cloud - Delivered the 41 meter Nigel Gee & Associates designed Fast Ferry to the Steamship Authority

America - Delivered the first of four 53' Camarc designed Fast Pilot Boats to the Sandy Hook Pilots in New Jersey

Sceptre'd Isle & Patricia Olivia II

Sceptre'd Isle - Delivered the 63' Alden designed Cruising Cutter

Patricia Olivia II - Delivered 45 meter Nigel Gee & Associates designed Fast Ferry to Buquebus, Brazil - at 53 knots the fastest commercial vessel of its type in the world


Shaman - Delivered 88' Tripp designed Performance Cruising Sloop

Finest, Valkyrie & Sleighride

Finest - Delivered the first of two 38 meter Nigel Gee & Associates designed Fast Ferries to New York Fast Ferry

Valkyrie - Delivered the 95' Sparkman & Stephens designed Auxiliary Sloop

Sleighride - Delivered the 77' Sparkman & Stephens designed Fast Day Sailor


The Boat III & t/t Golden Odyssey

The Boat III - Delivered the 66' Tripp designed Sport Fisherman

t/t Golden Odyssey - Delivered the 30' Derecktor designed custom diesel water-jet tender to the mega-yacht


Mit-Sea-Ah - Delivered 114' Sparkman & Stephens/Liebowitz designed Luxury Motor-Yacht

Transition, Eyeball, Dillinger & Carrousel

Transition - Delivered the 74' Tom Fexas designed Express Cruiser

Eyeball - Delivered the 102' Diana designed water jet motor yacht

Dillinger - Delivered 74' Mulder designed composite waterjet High Speed Motor Yacht

Carrousel - Delivered the 58' Alden designed Traditional Cruising Yawl

M/Gen Nathaniel Greene

M/Gen Nathaniel Greene - Launched the first in a series of six 128' Robert Derecktor designed Tug Boats for the U.S. Army

Secret Affair & Lady Frances

Secret Affair - Delivered the 43' Bill Tripp designed IMS racing sloop

Lady Frances - Delivered 102' Sparkman & Stephens designed waterjet High Speed Motor Yacht

Encore & Florida elevator expansion

Encore - Delivered the 73' Sparkman & Stephens designed IMS cruiser/racing sloop

Florida elevator expansion - The elevator was extended by 30' with the addition of two custom winches fabricated at the Rhode Island yard and the structural steel module built on-site in Florida. Capacity increased from 400 tons to 600 tons. First up: the brand new 167' Feadship

Wavedancer (Grey Goose II)

Wavedancer (Grey Goose II) - Completed the 72' Robert Derecktor designed IMS sloop

Stars & Stripes ’87, Spencer – WMEC 905, Q.E.D., Obsession & Alice Austen

Delivered the 12 meter Pedrick/Chance/Nelson racing yacht to Sail America which Dennis Conner sailed to victory in the 1987 America's Cup sailed off Freemantle, Australia

Spencer - WMEC 905 - Delivered the first of nine 270' cutters to the United States Coast Guard

Q.E.D. - Constructed the 50' Skip Gunnell designed Arneson Drive, High Speed Sport Powerboat with aluminum deep-vee and composite topsides/superstructure

Obsession - Delivered the 70' Sparkman & Stephens designed IOR mini-maxi ocean racer

Alice Austen - Delivered the first of two 207' Staten Island Ferry Boats for the NY Department of Transportation


Unfurled - Delivered the 71' David Pedrick designed Performance Cruising Sloop

Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch - Delivered the 66' Robert Derecktor designed High Speed Motor-Yacht

Punta Barima & Boomerang

Punta Barima - Delivered the first of twelve 75' Fast Patrol Craft for the Venezuelan National Guard

Boomerang - Delivered the 81' German Frers designed IOR maxi ocean racing sloop


PB Mk III - Delivered three 65’ aluminum Navy Patrol Craft to the Philippines Navy

Titania, Gloucesterman & Fire Island Clipper

Titania - Delivered the 88' Robert Derecktor designed cruising motor-yacht to Croyden Marine

Gloucesterman - Delivered the first of two 76' Gilbert designed steel stern dragger fishing vessels to the Parisi family - her sistership, Italian Gold, was delivered later in the year

Fire Island Clipper - Delivered the 75' Roper designed Ferry Boat to Sayville Ferry

Volcano, Flying Goose, Easy Does It & Boomerang

Volcano - Delivered the 63' German Frers designed IOR cruiser/racing sloop

Flying Goose - Completed the 55' Robert Derecktor designed IOR sloop

Easy Does It - Delivered the 45' Avard Fuller designed aluminum motor cruiser

Boomerang 1 - Delivered the 64' Robert Derecktor designed IOR mini-maxi racing sloop

Hoosier State & Jamaica

Hoosier State - Delivered the 46' Petchuel designed commercial tugboat to Great Lakes Dredging - shown here with yard manager Roger Morton at the wheel

Jamaica - Delivered the 110' Robert Derecktor designed head boat to Bogan's Marine

America Jane, Greek Navy & CG 55101 – USCG Aids to Navigation Vessel

America Jane - Delivered the 39' Scott Kaufman designed IOR One Ton sloop

Greek Navy - Delivered the 75' Robert Derecktor designed aluminum power boat

CG 55101 - USCG Aids to Navigation Vessel - Delivered the first of twelve 58' Robert Derecktor designed vessels to the United States Coast Guard

Ondine, Paramount, Ranger V, Thunderhead, Cirrus, Mariner & Helen H

Ondine - Delivered the 80' Britton Chance designed IOR maxi ocean racing ketch

Paramount - Delivered the 90' Robert Derecktor designed head boat to Bogan's Marine

Ranger V - Delivered the 120' Robert Derecktor designed head boat

Thunderhead - Delivered the 56' Sparkman & Stephens designed IOR racing sloop

Cirrus - Delivered the 90' Hargrave designed aluminum motoryacht

Mariner - Delivered the Britton Chance designed 12 meter racing sloop to King's Point for the America's Cup defender series

Helen H - Delivered the 90’ Robert Derecktor designed all-aluminum head-boat to Huckemeyer – this vessel is still in daily service!


Exact & Salty Goose

Exact - Delivered the 71' Don O'Keeffe designed motor-yacht

Salty Goose - Completed the 54' Derecktor designed IOR racing sloop for Bob Derecktor and Wally Frank in which they represented the USA as a member of the 1973 Admiral's Cup Team in Cowes, England.

Inverness & Fair American

Inverness - Delivered the 58' Robert Derecktor designed motor-yacht

Fair American - Delivered the 30' Etchells designed IOR one tonner racing sloop

Hoodwink, Equation & La Forza del Destino

Hoodwink - Delivered the 60' Krogen designed motor yacht

Equation - Delivered the 61' Britton Chance designed ocean racing yawl

La Forza del Destino - Delivered the 51' Gary Mull designed IOR racing sloop

Valiant & Exact

Valiant - Delivered the 12 meter Sparkman and Stephens designed racing sloop to the Cup Syndicate - the last wooden twelve and a contender in 1970 and 74. Photo credit: Stanley Rosenfeld

Exact - Delivered the 69' Robert Derecktor / Don O'Keeffe designed auxiliary motoryacht

Salty Tiger, Harper’s Ferry & Jim Hawkins

Salty Tiger - Delivered the 47' Robert Derecktor designed ocean racing yawl

Harper's Ferry - Delivered the 47' Robert Derecktor designed wooden motor-sailor. Photo credit: Peter Barlow

Jim Hawkins - Delivered the 61' Robert Derecktor / Avard Fuller designed motorsailor

Lt. Carol Walker & Gosling

Lt. Carol Walker - Delivered the first of four 53' Rhodes designed steel Patrol Launches to the New York City Police Department

Gosling - Constructed the 15' Robert Derecktor designed wooden sloop. This rugged little boat enjoyed a long sailing career before being re-purposed as a launch and tug-boat in the Florida yard.


Palawan III, Namis, Katama, Wild Goose, Circe & Kittiwake

Palawan III - Delivered the 58' Sparkman and Stevens designed sloop. Photo credit: Rosenfeld Collection, Mystic Seaport Museum

Namis - Delivered the 42' Sparkman & Stevens designed aluminum sloop. Photo credit - Morris Rosenfeld

Katama - Delivered the 42' Sparkman & Stevens designed aluminum yawl

Wild Goose - Completed the 42' Robert Derecktor designed wooden sloop

Circe - Delivered the 65' Sparkman & Stephens designed ketch

Kittiwake - Delivered the 48' Alan Gurney designed yawl


Carillon - 48' Sparkman & Stephens designed cruiser racer, built in aluminum. Winner of Class B in the 1964 Bermuda Race

Figaro IV & Georgette

Figaro IV - Delivered the 51' Robert Derecktor designed wooden sloop which represented the USA in the 1967 Admiral's Cup in Cowes, England

Georgette - Delivered the 55' Alden designed wooden sportfisherman


Grey Goose

Grey Goose - Constructed the 36' Robert Derecktor designed yawl



Windrose (48' Sparkman & Stephens yawl built in double-planked Honduras mahogany for Jakob Isbrandsen and delivered in 1958)


Antilles - Delivered the 46' Sparkman & Stephens designed ketch

Gulfstream 36

Gulfstream 36 - Delivered the 36' Sparkman & Stevens designed wooden sloop



Fidelia - Delivered the 30' Robert Derecktor designed wooden sloop

Private Catalano

Private Catalano - Delivered the first of three Robert Derecktor-designed 50' patrol boats to the NYPD Harbor Unit

Gulfstream 30

Gulfstream 30 - Delivered the first in a series of 30' Sparkman & Stevens designed wooden sloops

Founded in 1947

Founded in 1947 - In Mamaroneck, New York.